TEST Adapters

Used to join two incompatible connector interfaces. In Series Adapters have two different interfaces within the same connector series, while Between Series adapters have interfaces from different connector series. A broad line of adapters are offered covering all the major series to provide our customers with maximum flexibility.
1.85mm type Adapters
VSWR 1.33 65GHZ

Specs (pdf):
1.85mm type Adapters.pdf
2.4mm type Adapters
VSWR 1.25 40GHZ

Specs (pdf):
2.4mm type Adapters.pdf
2.92mm type Adapters
VSWR 1.15 40GHZ

Specs (pdf):
2.92mm type Adapters.pdf
3.5mm type Adapters
VSWR 1.15 40GHZ

Specs (pdf):
3.5mm type Adapters.pdf
SMA type Adapters
VSWR 1.15 27GHZ

Specs (pdf):
SMA type Adapters.pdf
N type Adapters
VSWR 1.20 18GHZ

Specs (pdf):
N type Adapters.pdf
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